Dear Parent/Guardian,

“Do you know a school that makes you long for childhood ?”

The staff and I are striving to make S S International School such a place.

A child’s primary years are vitally important. It is a time when attitudes are formed which will affect the rest of her/his life. These attitudes are formed both at home and at school. The staff, The management committee and myself want SSIS to be a school where excellence and caring go hand in hand.

We want learning to take place in a happy secure environment so that each child feels valued and develops a positive self esteem. We hope our children will become responsible members of our community as well as the wider community.

We aim to motivate our children to work hard and develop the latent talents within themselves, to enable each child to reach her/his own potential.

We believe that we can only achieve the best for your child by close co-operation between home and school. If this prospectus is the beginning of the partnership between home and school, it can only lead to a better knowledge and understanding of both our responsibilities to the welfare and education of your child, fostering a relationship which will both enrich and support your child.

I will finish with another quotation.

“Perhaps the most important single cause of a person’s success or failure educationally, has to do with the question of what she/he believes about her/himself.” –  A Combs.

Yogendra Singh


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