Dear Parent/Guardian,

The education enables a person to express & exhibit his inner capabilities & possibilities. In the words of Swami Vivekanand, “No knowledge comes from outside. All the knowledge is experienced inside by increasing transparency of opaque ignorance in the way of wisdom”. To achieve this, the concentration of mind and purity of conscious plays a vital role. Hence self control & self discipline are the essential features, to gain the knowledge.

Unfortunately, the knowledge in being imposed on students as a professional programme to prepare candidate for the race of material achievement in the society. The result we see that feeling of mutual regard and coexistence is diminishing with time.

Poverty, hunger, unemployment, frustration & diseases are the curses to our country. Millions of people are helpless & leading un-attended life. The aim of education must be to prepare a generation which is strong physically, sound mentally & vocationally, dedicated to serve the poorest amongst the poor & ready to build a new India with tremendous scope of progress in the field of health, wealth, power & opportunity in the light of self realization. Swami Vivekanand had rightly said, “Our country needs the youth with iron muscles, steel nerves, unbeaten willpower & prepared to crush all the obstacles even if they are required to enter the sea bed.”

The western world has made unparallel progress in the field of science & technology and has become world leader. The East specially India, has got richest cultural & spiritual heritage in the world. “SATYAMEV JAYATE” slogan is the soul of Indian social system. This country has made countless sacrifices for truth & non-violence and has ever preferred the enlighten path of ideals which ensures the mutual recognition & coexistence of man with other living partners of the nature. The Vedas (ancient Indian literature) truly represents the harmony between man & environment.

The Yoga education has done a lot in these country to cultivate healthy habits for the society. That is why an average Indian consumes least medicines in comparison to western society. The Yoga & Vedic life style have laid to Indian society of the peaks of peace & self satisfaction. The unit of the society should be an ideal man. Hence a citizen inherited with above virtues can be considered as ideal model with inner personality.

A candle has been lit to promote above ideology in the form of an institution “S S International School in Morena city of District Morena(MP).

In the present era, total personality development is essential for every student. For this, manifold development of pupils is very much important in addition to bookish knowledge.


Yogendra Singh Yadav

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